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Werebear VRChat Avatar (SDK 3.0 - Quest Compatible)

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  • Highly customizable
  • Ear flick animations
  • Penis throb animation
  • Hard / soft penis
  • Vest, Harness and Pants included
  • DPS Ready (Dynamic Penetration System)
  • MMD support
  • Quest compatible
  • Full body support
  • Substance Painter project


  1. Create a new project using the Unity version supported by VRChat.
  2. Download and import the VRChat Avatar SDK
  3. Download and import Poiyomi Shader
  4. Download and import the latest Werebear package.
  5. Open the Scene for PC or Quest.
  6. The brown bear from the batch of 5 is the main avatar. The rest is to showcase the colors and body types.

DPS Installation

  1. Purchase and install "Dynamic Penetration System" by Raliv
  2. Make sure to have the Poiyomi Pro shader (recommended), otherwise you'd have to use the default DPS material.
  3. Download and import the "Werebear DPS" package into your main Werebear project.
  4. Place the Penis_DPS prefab onto your scene.
  5. Drag the Penis_DPS prefab onto your avatar in the hierarchy.
  6. (Optional) Make toggles for it to switch between DPS and the normal penis.


This avatar may not be resold or redistributed in any form, whole or partial.

Please do not remove the credit panel from the avatar's chest.

You can make your own public version of the Werebear as long as you're not sharing the assets with anyone else.

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Werebear VRChat Avatar (SDK 3.0 - Quest Compatible)

4 ratings